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Dream Builder

-We do all the work-

Dream Builder: 

From your first recording session to your first song sale, we will guide you every step of the way. From custom track production to having the executive producer of your choosing in every recording session with you, we will take you step by step to make your record a hit. Everything is included in this all-in-one package. Take a look below at what you get! 


Initial Consult:

 During this meeting you and the producer will outline specific production and vocal goals to achieve. You both will come up with a general direction and sound for the song. This meeting wlil take place at Lounge Studios in Brown Sugar Lounge.



After initial consult the producer of your choosing will produce a beat for your song based on the direction and sound that you have both chosen. Producer will work personally with you to acheive the track of your dreams.


Recording Sessions:

6 hours of recording time is included with this package. Usually the vocals are cut in the first 5 hours and the 6th hour is used for any revisions you may hear later. All recording sessions will be attended by the producer you have chosen to work with. He and the engineer will help make sure you capture the vocal performance needed for a hit record.


Mixing Sessions: 

4 hours of mixing time is included with this package. After the mix engineer, BLUE, submits final mix you are given to free mix revision sessions to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Mastering Session:

Upon approval of final mix your song will either be sent off to be mastered or mastered in house by BLUE. This decision will be based on factors such as the musical feel you are looking for and budget.


Administrative Work:

Once Final version is approved we will copywrite your song, register it with BDS, Media Base, SoundScan & file for your UPC cope. We also offer you distribution through Itunes & Spotify. You are not obligated to use our distribution service but we offer it as a courtesy.


Project Consult:

We then set up final meeting at Lounge Studio with Walt & BLUE that helps you find and craft a specific marketing and distribution plan to make money off of your music. Let BLUE & Walt's years of experience in the music Industry work for you. Remember a plan is only as good as the person that executes it. Give yourself the best chance to succeed!


Pricing: starts at $1500 (varies with producer) 

10% off for MVP's


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