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Executive Producer

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Executive Production

Executive Producer: 

An executive producer is the head producer who oversees the creation, vision and direction of a musical work. 


Our service:

We offer you access to some of the music industry's top producers. Get creative direction from Multi Platinum and Grammy winning producers that have worked with the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce and more. Experience the difference of having a professional to help guide our decision making and that help craft your sound. Check out each producer's bio and accomplishments by clicking to the right. When you decide on the right producer for you fill out the form on their page to get the process started.


What's included:

The producer to make one beat exclusively for you. You will receive creative direction from the Multi Platinum and or Grammy Award Winning Producer. 1 song will be taken to completion in 6 hours of recording time attended by the producer of your choosing. Usually the vocals are cut in the first 5 hours and the 6th hour is used for any revisions you may hear later. All recording sessions will be attended by the producer you chose to work with. He and the engineer will help make sure you capture the vocal performance needed for a hit record.


Price: $1500-$2000 (varies with producer) 

10% off for MVP's


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