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Why be a MVP:  To save $100's on Music & studio services! Becoming a MVP enables you to take advantage of special discount pricing on all online & off-line serves. MVP's get $100 in recording, mixing & mastering coupons each month. MVP's get access to exclusive tools that help sell, grow and promote thier music, which are not availble to regular site visitors. MVP's will also be randomly selected to recieve FREE services and prizes each month.


Receive first two weeks free with first time membership sign up. Subscription is $25 per month.  Also receive Free Instagram promotion (a $50 a month value) with every MVP subscrition.You can cancel your subscription at anytime. There is no minimum term length required. That means when your not working on your music project simply cancel your subscripion till your ready to start work again. 


Below is a detailed description of Discounts, Tools & Privlages MVP's will recieve. Check them out & Save!

Discounts:  MVP's will recieve the folloing discunts.


   INSTAGRAM PROMO RATE: FREE ($50 per month value!!)

                                                                                                                       $5hr OFF RECORDING          $5hr OFF MIXING


   10% OFF BEATS                      10% OFF A&R SERVICES


Exclusive Tools: MVP's will be able to access these tools.


   Studio Clasic Mixtape: A monthly mixtape sold on Itunes                featuring our best MVP's music. MVP's receive the profit from        all sales!


   National Showcase Search & Discount: A page that lists all          artist showcases in every major city in the US. We provide a          descrition, contact info & 10% discounts on any fees they may      charge.


   Helpful Links: A page that features a link to every site                      imaginable that will help you reach all your goals in the Music      Industry. From How-To sites to video production services, you'll    find a link for it on this page.


   Ask BLUE: A forum where you can ask our in-house Grammy       nominated Platinum certified mixing engineer BLUE                         anything you can think of!


   FAQ: A list of deffinitions and frequently asked questions                arranged by catagory.

Privileges: MVP's will be eligable to recieve the following.


   * Free Recording Session Giveaways

   * Free Mixing Session Giveaways

   * Free Beats from Grammy winning producers

   * Free music consultations

   * & many more prizes and giveaways!

IAAB 2 Weeks Free Special Discount Rate!

*** On the last page of paypal after you complete your oder click "Return To Lounge Studios" in the bottom right hand corner of the page to complete process!

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