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Discounts:  MVP's will recieve the folloing discunts.


   INSTAGRAM PROMO RATE: FREE ($50 per month value!!)

                                                                                                                       10% OFF RECORDING          13% OFF MIXING


   10% OFF BEATS                      10% OFF A&R SERVICES


Exclusive Tools: MVP's will be able to access these tools.


   Studio Clasic Mixtape: A monthly mixtape sold on Itunes                featuring our best MVP's music. MVP's receive the profit from        all sales!


   National Showcase Search & Discount: A page that lists all          artist showcases in every major city in the US. We provide a          descrition, contact info & 10% discounts on any fees they may      charge.


   Helpful Links: A page that features a link to every site                      imaginable that will help you reach all your goals in the Music      Industry. From How-To sites to video production services, you'll    find a link for it on this page.


   Ask BLUE: A forum where you can ask our in-house Grammy       nominated Platinum certified mixing engineer BLUE                         anything you can think of!


   FAQ: A list of deffinitions and frequently asked questions                arranged by catagory.

Privileges: MVP's will be eligable to recieve the following.


   * Free Recording Session Giveaways

   * Free Mixing Session Giveaways

   * Free Beats from Grammy winning producers

   * Free music consultations

   * & many more prizes and giveaways!

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