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This could be the most important step in your Music Career!

Mix engineer Blue sitting at a mixing console at Lounge Studios recording studio
Mix engineer Blue sitting at a mixing console at Lounge Studios Recording Studio

One of the most important things you can do to make it in the Music Industry is have a Unique sound. What makes you stand out is sometimes even more important than the quality of your music. To be successful you have to figure out the sound that makes you "YOU"!

Music Consultation:

Lounge Studios Music Consultation service helps you find and craft a sound that is all your own. It gives structure and a sense of direction to your project. It gives you your best chance to succeed!

What We Do:

Send us up to 5 of your songs. Grammy Award winning engineer BLUE will then listen to each of them and come up with what he believes gives you the best chance to succeed based on your goals. BLUE will then schedule a 1hr studio sit down with you in person or via Skype for out of state clients. During this meeting he will outline specific production and vocal changes you may want to consider to improve. He will also give you a one page document that outlines your strengths & weaknesses plus instructions for improving.

What's Included:

- Song by song critique by BLUE

- 1hr Studio consultation

- 1 page document for improvements.

Book your consultation with BLUE today! CLICK HERE!

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