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Audio Services


Custom Production Session:

Our Producers are some of the top multi-genre Producers in NYC. During a 4hr session you will provide the producer of your choice with the concept and feel you are looking for & he/she will provide you with the masterpiece you have had in your mind! This is a 4hr block production session. Additional time can be added on a per 1hr basis if needed. The beat you leave with is exclusively yours and can not be re-sold by the producer. It’s the perfect way to make the music you want 100% authentic and original.

Production Consultation:

Book a consultation first to see which producer is perfect for you. With this you can sit down with the producer of your choice to explain your vision of the perfect beat. Provide him with the concept , feel & direction of your project and together come up with a plan to construct the authentic tracks you need to succeed! This is a 30min consultation session to determine if you will move forward with a "Production/Beat Making session". The $50 consultation fee will be applied to your "Production/Beat Making session".

Production Room Lock-Out:

8hr unattended session in Ebony for writing or production sessions. The room is nice and loud and has a full ProTools HD setup. NO SMOKING!

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