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Project Consultation

-Plan & Execute-

Find your sound then find out how to make money off of it. This is the next step for any serious artist planning on making a living doing music.


Music Consultation:

Our Project Consultation service helps you find and craft a sound that is all your own. It then gives you a specific marketing and distribution plan to make money off of your music. Let BLUE & Walt's years of experience in the music Industry work for you. Remember a plan is only as good as the person that executes it. Give yourself the best chance to succeed!


What We Do:

Send us up to 5 of your songs. BLUE will then listen to each of them and come up with what he believes gives you the best chance to succeed based on your goals. WALT will evaluate the music and determine the best way to capture the market for that particular sound. WALT & BLUE will then schedule a 2hr studio sit down with you in person or via Skype for out of state clients. During this meeting they will outline specific production and vocal changes you may want to consider improving. They will go over the marketing, promotion, and distribution game-plan with you explaining each process step by step. They will also give you a two page document that outlines your artistic strengths & weaknesses plus the marketing plans and strategy.


- Song by song critique by BLUE WALT

- 2hr Studio consultation

- 2 page document which outlines production & marketing strategy


Price: $500


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