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C​ontrol Room

This Lounge is a state-of-the-art recording studio. The room is our main mixing room at Lounge Studios Inc. and is located on the sixth floor in suite 602. Brown Sugar boasts the most comfortable studio atmosphere in NYC along with the top-of-the-line standards in recording studio equipment. The studio features Pro Tools HDX; 2HD192 i/o; WRAITH Audio Mixing console ; Mac Pro; Avalon 737; EL distressor; Nuemann U87 mic; Genelec 1031 monitors, Tannoy 1200 mids; Wraith Audio Main Monitors;  Neve 1073 Clone, Waves Mercury  plug-ins;+many other plug-ins and gear.

Live Lounge

Danny Flamm, the Grammy winning horn player from Kanye West's Hit single "All of The Lights" calls this "the best live room for horns in the city". Now the room is mostly used for Blue's mix clients to relax in a great atmosphere and watch TV. The Vocal booth in this room is completely dead, allowing the mix engineer to control every aspect of your voice in precise detail.


Check out the flow of this beautiful room that is the first studio of the 11 Lounge studios rooms built. If you want to work in this room you have to book Blue to mix your music. This room exclusively belongs to our Grammy winning head engineer Blue!

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