The Facility 

Lounge Studios is a four room professional recording studio located in the Heart of NYC.   Established in 2003, the facility houses some of the finest recording gear available and is home to the finest Recording and Mixing engineers in the Industry.  


Each of the four Lounges (Brown Sugar, Ebony, Ivory, Vanilla Sky) have been maticulacly designed for the most comforable atmosphere and highest quality sound you will experience! From R&B, Rock, Latin, Pop, Gospel to Hip Hop we are your ONLY Choice!  


As of 2013 Lounge Studios will serve as the East Coast Recording Studio Headquarters for Atlantic Records and Warner Chappelle.

The Owner 

Hello! My name is Walter Randall, the owner of Lounge Studios. I'm writing you to let you know a little bit about myself, the studio and the direction we our headed for 2020. 


My goal is to make sure independent recording artists can create in the same high quality and inspirational environments as their Major Label counterparts. 

From the biggest budget to the smallest budget I have always tried to make sure we had a studio that worked financially for everyone. I will strive to make sure that remains the case as long as our doors are open. 


I want the people who started their journey to destiny with a little money and a lot of passion, like me, to be able to achieve their dreams. Just like you, I have a struggle story too.. Check it out!