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C​ontrol Room

Ivory is the largest and most extravagant of the four Recording Studios. It features a wall of windows that looks out over mid-town and Time Square. The control room features an WRAITH Audio recording console. The room is running Protools HDX and is equipped with hundreds of the best plug-ins available. The control room also features a smaller Vocal-Booth which has great views of Midtown!

Equipment List:
  • Console: WRAITH AUDIO Recoding Console.

  • Mic Pres: (2) Neve 1073's, (4) API 512's, (2) API 312's, (1) Avalon 737.

  • (2) Nuemann U87's

  • Monitors: Genelec 1031's, Tannoy System 215.

Live Room

The live room features a Steinway Model A Grand Piano & a Yamaha Oak Custom Drum Kit. It also has a lounge area with an optional wet bar. The acoustics in the room are amazing!  This room can accommodate a full band or up to a 12 piece string or brass section. It also can double as  a Larger Vocal Booth area.


Check out this cool walk through of Ivory Lounge were Dan The Man & Cody create Masterpieces!

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