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Throne Room


The rental of Lounge Studios' Throne Room for the "Everything Package" is $100hr. This session comes with ALL of the props, lights & gear at the facility for no rental fee along with a knowledgeable assistant to help you access and navigate the equipment. The color backdrops available with the booking are grey & black which are $15 each. We also offer Green Screen for $20. Any other specific color request would be a cost of $60. The white Cyclorama wall & "Jungle Life" wall is free with booking.


*** ALL of the following Items ARE available for this rental.

  • Props: thrones, flowers, LED Light Wall

  • Lights: strobes, softbox assortment, light Diffusers & grids, LED RGB light set, wireless flash

  • Gear: 4K video wall, fog machine, treadmill

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